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we gonna discuss about tinder

if you don’t know about Tinder than you are not a guy

today’s generation find very difficult to find a boyfriend or a girlfriend

so to solve the problem Tinder came out

there are many platform are there like truly madly and many more

there you find a unknown person

you see their likes

if you see a picture and you find of your type then you like it

also other

one if likes you then your profile gets match

now both of you like each other

one of the problem is we won’t able to approach girls


most of the people finds this problem and I too did faced this things in the beginning

so for this tinder is the solution,if you fine someone appealing then like it

and if opposite one like it then your profile is matched

here nothing happens to anyone

if I like someone and the other dislike me

then it does not to do anything with insult

or if I would approach to a girl and propurse her and if see rejects me then there is a insult

so this was one of the market need

which applications like Tinder identified it

and capitalised on it.


and one thing is that super like

means I wanna to tell other one

that I am really interested in you

because here you are watching a unknown person and not known

here we wont see your college crush

may be you could see but not posibilly

here we see location

based person also you can specify

up to which area you want a girl or boy

the type of specification you have filled

based on that you will see the result

this is their basic business idea

on let’s talk about their financial stats

1st september,2012

company got started and their head office is in california,usa

till date that has 3 acquisition

and these 3 acquisition improves their business better

its first acquisition is Wheel

Wheel makes your video of good quality so that

you can share it

Once I researched and got to know that

also tinder is too coming on videos


so they acquired that video company

and they integrated their content to Tinder

next acquisition is Human.So what is human, like

with the invent of whatsapp sms market ended

Gmails ended the market of e-mail

likewise Human is a platform which will end the marke of phone

till now I have only this much of information on it.

I think they will integrate in their application

so that they can easily able to sink the contax

basically what that means if you want to talk to any one

the time you pickup the phone then the application will automatically know to whom

you want to talk


so if you integrate Human in Tinder then

it will analyze you to whom you like and dislike

to that

you will get matching based on that

the third acquisition is Tappy which used to make applications for ios

mobile application

so how they earn money is

based on simple logic

If you like a girl then again like…like…like

and a time will come your like will end

so if you want a like then you need to buy that

also they had a premium membership

if you don’t know about premium membership then

means you need to pay for that membership to get some extra feature

in free


you will get limited number of likes

in premium you will get additional feature.Also

they have a tinder plus feature where you will get different features

I think this must of it does not require

you can use it for free

I used to use it for free and used to do like alot

it has 100 milion

download,moreover they have 50 million user

and 10 million they have active user

in Tinder almost 1.6 billion swipes used to happen

means right or left

means I will like or dislike

also there are 26 million daily matches used happens

means I like the one and in return if she likes me than we both gets matched

also 54% people using tinder are single and 3% are divorced

and 12% are people who are already in a relationship

I thing this is wrong,if you are in a relationship and if you are using tinder

searching for a new one


and if you find one then you dumb the previous

so these type consist of 12%,which I don’t like

so most of you must be thinking

I am using tinder for free

but to the fact that they have more than 3 million

paying customer on tinder

so if you take the basic plan too then also they are making a huge revenue

their expense is


it is a application based so they do anly a basic marketing for it

I or any one will ask their friends dude you are not in tinder?

if you not having a girlfriend then try tinder

due to this people subscribe to tinder to have a partner

and atlast tinder gets benefit of this

and the one who is more desperate then he spends money to get more likes

the basic plan is Rs 225

so if you don’t have a girlfriend and you are too desperate

then Rs 225 is just fine per month

so in this both tinder and customer gots the benefit

so according to the research the best time to use tinder is

6 to 7 in the evening

this is the best time where you will get most of the matches

we boys who are free do 46% swipe right

and girls do only 14% of the swipe right

means out of 100 profile only

14 of the profile do girls swipe right

means this girls to think a lot before doing swipe

so this thing we need to keep in mind.Here girl retention time

is more than the boys.We just like looking at the photos

but girls do open boys profile and check the type of boy is


girls are bit of serious.They do like to get a long term relationship

and guys are opposite of it.

basically they are targeting youth which is between 18 to 25 years

which is 50% of its customer

and 25 to 34 years are 45% of the user

that’s all this

makes 90% of the customer

this is their full history.

I spent days in researching about a startups ,

Please share this as much as possible.

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