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we gonna discuss about loco app business model

this is a just basic model I would say.

So today we will try to understand how do loco earns money

basically this company does not have revenue in current phase.

others company do make revenue based on this model.

So lets understand Loco.

Likewise kon banega crorepati,Amitabh bachchan used to host the show on sony

Likewise in in case of loco but it is online.

this is an application where you can play KBC sitting at your home.

actually this is a live show where people together

and the one who win out of ten question then the

winning price is distributed among themself.

suppose if 1 lakhs is the winning price and 1 lakhs players are playing hand on hand

and suppose only 1000 players answered all 10 out of 10 questions

so among these 1000 players 1 lakhs will be distributed.

also if you answer a wrong question then you can take a life.

for that you have to share that app among your friends

share is also a part of growth hacking

if you take gmail and all that,initially they all survive in invites and sharing

so if you want a life then you have to share it.

so here you forcefully recommending your friend to install the app

basically the team used to say that the one who losses the most are prone for more sharing.

logically the more people play the game the less money you will get

so the one is winning will desire for more money but the one who losses

will need more and more life to be in the game. so for the life

they are recommending more and more people foe the game

and by this way its company is growing day by day.

more than 5 million downloads has been done and more then 3 lakhs

conquerent users are there.

so if this mutch of user are increasing because of jio mobile internet

also the plus point is they are operating in many languages

so if you are operating in so many language,plus internet, plus so many smartphone

which will ultimately led to increase in customer base.

and now how you use the user base is up to you

so how can you use it in the future lets try to understand.

first of all you can sell the data base of your customer.

by selling their mobile no,

so they got both the data,they knew your name

and now wherever data they want they will take now

during fill up or if you are sending a referral to someone

then they will receive more data,this is his network,this

is his friend,but ideally I thing

they don’t do this

In future they can run ads means

you look like ad mob which is from google ads

like you see in many application,that type of ad

but they are smart because

their player is hosting here

the ipl host it

if they are hosting it then

you have a video viewer,who likes to see video

so inside the video you can push the ads

like in tv you are watching KBC

after one question there will be a ad,10 questions,10 ads

may be 10 questions 3 to 4 ads

or you did a product placement,with this

people get awareness of your product

currently they have 3 lakhs of user base who are playing games

so think how much of visibility they may get

in today’s time there is a digital platform where you can play with it

I know this guy


and now I can push the ad based on that information in coming times

I think,there founding member

says that many people are approaching to us for the ads

but we want to make our product good

in starting I researched and I got to know that

in the beginning there used to so much of lag in it

you won’t be able to watch the video nicely

so if you won’t be able to watch it then ultimately their business modal will fail

if Amitabh Bachchan isn’t visible to us in KBC

and the question is just appearing to you

and you are answering to it,then it won’t be too much interactive

so they say that this is not a just game show but it is an interactive

entertainment platform

in coming years they can even add more games

now I will tell about this company.Loco

owens a pock aces company

if you don’t know about pocket aces then you heard about bise media

in youtube,also filtercopy

all these comes under Loco

so they know content production

and now they came in digital platform and now they can push there content here

here you can sell videos any thing because you have a user base

people know now loco,loco,loco

I mailed loco , they tell us

in coming years they invest approx 6 crore rupees

in the business

to make it better

they will be focusing more om IT

because 3 lakhs people are playing together

3 lakhs people

are streaming simultaneously,so how much bandwidth do you require

if you don’t know the technical part then let’s assume

you need to invest lot more in technology to run the business smoothly

in coming years it will tend to increase

as per their expectation

so they need to have a lot of technical advancement

they need to increase their bandwidth,good internet speed

may be their data need to be compressed

or may be their application maintenance and many more

one thing I like to suggest them

and even you can do it too

what you do,whenever application will come

do offline download option,what will happen

the guy will able to download full video offline

means the content in the application can we downloaded to a specific quality



full HD,in this what will happen,once the video is downloaded

now he can play

in this what is going if the application is starting at 1pm

then you need to be there before 1pm

if you late by 1sec then

then you won’t be able to play

just watch it

with Amitabh Bachchan someone else is playing and I am just watching

but our aim is interactive,we can play together

so what can you do is

if one is starting at 12:30pm then there must be a option for downloading


all the data will be stored in the phone and if he plays after that

he can play without lag,if he plays in 2G

under slow speed he can play nicely

so if you work in this direction then you will lose less money

and you can

grow easily

if any one watching this then mail me at

it’s written above

they do have 7 employ

currently under Loco

and 70 employ under parent company

and that’s all to know about it

they do not have any funding

last year only in nov or may be dec the application got started

and today see it’s number of downloads

so that is good

if you want then you can play it

I will put my invite code below so that I could get some life but

I did not played this game till yet

as today morning only I had downloaded it and researching on it

after that I got bussy on my work

so I could not able to play it at 1pm

if I had played

then I would given you the invite code before hand but

I will get my invite code and I will post in below

in pin comment

so if you use my invite code I would get a whenever I will play

I could use the life option to save me

ans 1 life in 1 game

so there was a bonus event at

8:30pm and 1 lakhs rupees is the winning price

and I tried to play that and I recorded it too

in starting I got a easy one

and here you can see how many of them played it

loco 2 quest

how many answered rright and how many wrong

seems easy and you got a 10 sec for every question

in that you need to answer

you can too see the active audience

so you need to have a some knowledge to answer this

so here I just used my sense

and it got wright

and I qualified to the next question

this question is not known by me

so I randomly clicked it,now what happens is

my extra life got utilized

and I played again

and this time too I chose randomly

and I lose it.

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