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Dream11 business model


Dream11 business model

Hello friends , my name is Gauhar Ali ,

I cover all the pros and cons of Dream11 business model

What dream 11 is about

dude! this is basically about making batting(gambling) legal

its a kind of company who made the batting(satta) legal on an international level

brought it on an online platform

now some people might think batting is illegal

and its online also their brand ambassdor is mahendra singh dhoni

they are getting funding and a lot of ads of tv

in between ipl and receiving a lot of money

IS this a fraud company ? no! its not

business model is quite basic

and a great business model


and making it a legal one now we’ll try to understand their business model

what are they and what are they doing

a person comes comes on their website

bets for 10rs

and if he won he will get 30rs

and here he selects his dream 11 team consisting of 11 players based on his knowledge of cricket

that whatever match will be on air , what kind of players you think are in form

so i will select my 11 team members

and one with the highest score will win

quite basic rule

in the past it was about india vs pakistan

so if betting was high on india

this lead to match fixing


like you bought some indian players with money so that india loses

match fixing logic is this

but here there is no specific team

each and every individual selects his own 11 team players so there is no case of match fixing here

there is no possibility of match fixing

whosoever selects the specific team , higher the score higher the possibility of winning

now lets talk about their funding

for that we will go to my favooourite site currents base

dream 11 company comes under the category of ecommerce

started in 2011


by harsh jain and they have around 100 employees

their website name is

you can see their email id here

funding from around three companies

basicallly if we look at the logistics they opt for funding in 2015, 2015,2017

amount of money from funding is not mentioned here

because that data is not disclosed yet. when this company will be big then they might disclose that too

now here

they are their investors whosever invested in the company

team member is only 1

this data is temporary

because data couldnt be updated

bigger the company bigger the recent activities

so you can open currentsbase and find the every detail of funding of every company

you will get all the details here

now their business model

how they earn?

for that we will go to their website

see here they let you play for cricket and football

now i can choose any upcoming match


by the time i choose any match , data is updated

and data tells me the kind of league is going on

and where you can bet

now here its opened and i can see your entry fees which is 49

and this much teams is playing and amount the winner will get

this kind of data is given here

if i want to bet

if i want to choose my dream 11 team

then given are the details of money you need to bet for that dream 11 players

you must be very good with statistics of cricket , which player is in form and which is

everything about bowler spinners

based on calculations

no fraudulence here

so here lets consider this 20 team which means 20 user are playing bet

20 will be easy at first

so 20 users bets 30 rs each

total is 600 bucks

600 bucks is the total investment here by the market

lets check the amount they are giving as a credit here

the first person who wins will get 90 rs and second one will get 60 rs then 50, 45, 30 etc

and so on

if i do the total of them it will be around 500 bucks

500 rs

so they distributed the 500 bucks and they took 600 rs from them

100 rs is left and that is their profit

and currently i think they are spending a lot of money on marketing like ads etc etc

ipl ads and everyone is talking about dream11 dream 11

their expenses currently are high

and by the time people will understand that this is legal

they will understand that if they have a good knowledge of cricket , they should play

and here legally i am selecting my ideal team dream11 team

i might earn a good money so dude this is all about dream 11 business mode

just like that if you see that i played a really small game

if i opt for a bigger game


and here i CAN EARN 2,50,00,000 BUCKS!

but people fighting for that amount are 6 lakh 80,,000

and i just need to make a investment of 49 rupees

give just 50 bucks and use your cricket knowledge and choose the best team

and it went well you can 2.5 crore bucks

profitable for the consumer along with the company

thats it

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Be happy

________________Gauhar Ali

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