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Byjus business model


Byjus business model

This story is about Byju

the person who was a worker of shipping industry

as a engineer.

his one friend is there who works in the IT sector .

he asks him to teach how to prepare for CAT Exam


as he know he has a friend who is very jugadu in his nature

Who knows all the tricks and Tips for Giving CAT Exam

Because, CAD Exam is all About Speed

and You don’t have time to solve the Complete question but have to use some trick for time saving

He Knows that His Friend can Teach him Tricks for Solving Questions

So Byju’s Help his friend by Studying together and and later give exam

Finally when the Result Announces, His Friend gets really Good marks

and along with that, Byju’s Get a 100 Percentile

You can Consider him as a Topper


Later he gets an Offer from the IIM but He Rejects it

He prefer his Current Job over that

After doing Job For sometimes,

Another Friend comes to Him and say the Same Thing

that i want to Clear CAT Exam, Please Help me

He teaches him and Give exam along with that Friend

Again His Friend gets good marks and He gets 100 Percentile

This time he gets famous as he cleared the CAT exam Twice and gets 100 Percentile

So, all His Friends and Neighbor comes to Him and tell him to teach them for CAD exam

and he teach them all

and Within some time, His batch begins to expand

He had a small Classroom in the Beginning by investing small amount of money

The Growth extent was so High that he has to book a Seminar Hall for 1200 Students for his Teaching


He have to book Auditorium afterwards

Then he Realize a Problem

That the students are coming from all around the India for his Teaching

Then he starts Doing Traveling

so that he can teach in different Areas and Help all Students

As he start traveling in different States and Teaches, He start Enjoying It

and Also love this as a Career

So he Found a Company in 2008, with name Think and learn Pvt. Ltd.


His name is Byju so you should be getting a Idea Why he is Having is App name as Byju’s

Because its a Byju’s App

He starts By Teaching In Jyoti Niwas College with 30-40 Students and then expands with a Batch over 1200 Students

and now he has a Top Funded app in India

That he has the Biggest Funded Education based Startup In India

Now think of How this Company expanded

I’ll tell you about the problems the faced during this Journey

If you check their Website Today,

They are selling a lot of Courses, that are paid

Not the Free one, Actually the cant sell Any Free Course as the Have a Huge investment on them


They have Raised almost 244M Dollars funding

in 7 Different Funding Rounds

So if you have raised this much amount as Funding,

You have to give Paid Courses only and cant give the Free Ones

So their Complete Model Is Paid

Now they Offers a K-12 Series where K stands for Kinder Garden

and 12 means 12th Standard

Means, they are Providing Education for all the students From Kinder Garden to 12th Standard

They have a Video Course Module

Their is a problem with the Offline Course

online Course had an Advantage of learning at your own pace


as you have bought the Course and it upto you whether you want to watch a Single video per day

or watch 10 videos per day

or Do the Complete Course within a Week

and can revise it in the next week and so on, its totally upto you

The have the Toppers Facilities with excellent education and skills

Let me share the Story of his wife Divya Now, she came to his Center for the GRE Exam

Their wasn’t a separate module for the GRE that time

so She joined him for the CAT Exam

So they Studied Together

and later she got an admission in the stand Fort University

But she Refused it and joined with the Byju

was it because of the Love with the Maths or Something else?

We get to know about this when they got Married

It was in 2015 when their was a huge hike of Smartphones

and Smartphones were a common things,

They launched the mobile application

i was reading it somewhere, just after 1 months from the Launch of their application, they went for Tv Commercials

This is Aggressive marketing, you don’t have to wait, but act Instantly

So they started acting Instantly

and Now Byju’s Is the biggest player in Edu based Sector

You can check the No. of Download on Playstore

They say that they have around 4-5 Lakhs Subscribed Users

those who are paying anually

They have a great Return Rate, they mentioned later on

lets talk about the strategy of the Byju’s that i personally really like

They hire around 500 persons from the big and reputed Colleges

and tell them, that they will select around 250 peoples out of there

and they pay them 25,000 as a stipend

Now whether that 25,000 is for a month, two or three, i don’t know as i c didn’t get the confirm Figures

But basically it for a period of Complete internship, that you will get Dash Amount of a successful internship

What the advantage of this?

The students get the Experience, as you know that freshers don’t get much salary

so the Freshers get the Experience, salary and learn a lot from a new platform

The biggest thing here is

that they have the 50 percent chance of getting selected and of job in Byju’s

So people do it, and i also like this whole thing.

how many are watching the Byju s lecture Videos

Their research says that, that have an average retention of 40 Mins on their Videos

means an Average time spent on their App is 40 mins

parent think that their children is on the app and learning something

so their Parents but the plans and this is a Complete Story

Tuition is very expensive nowadays

and their course is Relatively cheap

and their is the flexibility of watching it anytime, Student can enjoy, play

Suppose i want to go for the cricket from 5 to 7 Pm

but i am not able to go as i have tuition in between them

But their is nothing like that in Byju’s App

as i can learn while traveling from a place to place in a bus or while going out to a Relative House

or for a trip or For a 2 month Long Vacation

Everything is in my phone and can read anytime

Their Research also says that, they have around 90 percent User retention

Means if a student buy the plan for the current year and study

and buying it again after next year

It means they have less acquisition cost

once a student Joins Byju’s and watch the Quality content, he/she stay connected

Their are more than 640M people with an age less than 30 years

are studding or Preparing for an Exam

means their are 640M People out there who are spending money on their Education

and that expense is Nearly 63 Billion

which is 3.4 percent of the GDP of India, just think about the Money spent on Education

So you are targeting this sector

as everyone is preparing for an exam

and if you capture this sector, their is Huge Potential

and their is in increment of around 25 percent students in this Sector every Year

and they are getting around 19 Percent of the Growth every Year

Means the Company is Expanding

and they are targeting the Tap market

Their plans sounds expensive but if we see it overall and compare it with the tuition, then is okay

Lets me talk about the Lynda here, because personally i really like it


if you but the Lynda Membership once, then you will stay with them for sure

You will think that, you can learn a lot of things, skills in just paying some money

When you ask me, how i got this much of Knowledge?, from where you got it?

I have been using Lynda Membership from past 4-5 years

if there wasn’t Lynda that time, i used to download from the torrent sites

or from the other sources

or from the Youtube, but the Knowledge must Flows in

and when i bought the membership of Lynda, i kept it till now also

I really like it, just download the app, offline course and watching it while traveling or in the Free time

or You can learn while waiting for someone

Its a great strategy and personally i really like these Educational Platforms

you learn a lot things from them

Overall, The Byju’s Model is Great but personally i think its a bit expensive

But as they have huge funding and has to give some return somewhere, so its okay


Ideally they can take a bit less

and it will increase the number of Sales

and their will be a lot of people who will join them

But They Byju is good in match and would probably have an idea

100 percentile in CAD exam is very Big thing

so he has a Better idea on this

But according to my point of View, they will target the different market if they lower the Course price


In India, education cost shouldn’t be this much High

I think if you are able to do educate for free, then You should do it

But if you have expenses and think that you have a Worth

you are booking a seminar hall, providing food

and you think that, actually when you pay for something

When i open a gym in my home, i don’t usually do it

But when i pay for my Gym subscription, i go for workout daily

Because i have paid for it

similarly with the education, when you pay for education, you get to know about its worth

otherwise you will take this for granted

and maybe Thats why some take money for education, but it shouldn’t be much high that it seem to me a Money making model

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