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#5 Investor Pitching

Investor Pitching

What if INVESTOR refuses?

You worked hard , you make business model, you make your mvp ,

Everything you do for your startup .

You pitch investors

Let’s say Investor says No to you

After hearing your idea , they didn’t agree

What you need to do then

With due respect say

Normally people get irritated

don’t do it.

Who knows he might get interested in you in future

If not in first round , how about 2nd round?

Or maybe he is testing you

Whether they should invest in you or not.

Because you’ll work with him.

Who knows he can call after 2 days.

Maybe he isn’t sure yet


Means try to respond in an authentic way.

If they ask you some questions.

then answer politely

and do ask for feedback

do discuss where you went wrong.

You’ll get some input for an another meeting.

so that you’ll able to improve your pitch if required.

And do ask me whether they want to take their follow up.

About your achievements etc.

It may be possible that you didn’t give you investment now

But maybe he might get interested later.

and if says yes , then great.

again i’ll say do ask them

about the terms , intereference , cash flow


Do discuss the money factors.

One more thing normally what people do

once they get the cheque then they don’t give a shit.

You need to maintain connections.

Be real and honest with them.

Be loyal

You’ve signed an agreement , you got the money

Now give them updates about the progress

If you face any issues

Then do ask them for some advice.

Because he has invested money

Maybe you wanted an employee for operation department

He might help you in getting one.

If you make connections with him

He’ll help in organising everything

I Spent years , these articles are based on my interactions

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