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#4 Zoho case study


Zoho case study

Amazing ZOHO

My name is gauhar ali

today we are gonna talk about

one of the most underrated legends of India.

This is the story of a man who went from being an ordinary


to becoming one of the biggest social entrepreneurs in


and he has a net worth of $2.6 Billion

This is the story of a man who is running a revolutionary



that can solve the unemployment crisis in India

by turning the remotest villages of India into the tech hubs

of the world.

This person that I’m talking about is the CEO of ZOHO


and goes by the name Sridhar Vembu

Sridhar Sir is a Princeton graduate who had the perfect job

in the silicon valley startup Qualcomm

and that is when he realised that there are so many Indian


working at crucial positions at multiple billion dollar



all across the world, and yet

very few Indian companies were strong contenders

in the software industry.

So, he decided to step into the ring with a vision

to build a software company that can empower the youth of


and that is how he started AdventNet

which then became ZOHO Corporation.

and since the past 22 years, ZOHO has gone from

an ordinary startup to becoming a billion dollar company

with an estimated market value of $5 Billion

but what’s more astounding is not the growth of ZOHO

but what Sridhar Vembu sir is doing with his company’s

massive influence

He decided to start a revolutionary experiment

to solve the unemployment crisis in India.

Now, we all know that there is a huge gap between

the teachings of the college and the requirement of the


and even after 4 years of engineering,

millions of engineering students severly lack the skill

to work in the industry.

Now, every politician and billionaire in this country knows

about this

and many have even spoken about it.

But very few have done something proactively to fix this


Which is why in 2004, the founders of ZOHO

started something called the ZOHO University.

and here’s where they started to on-board and train stuents

with skillsets and abilities at a very young age.

Now what is unique about this system is that

instead of asking fees and donations from the students,

ZOHO pays the student a stipend of ₹10,000 per month

throughout the tenure of the 2-year course.

and during this extensive training, students are taught

Mathematics, English, Programming and every other subject

that is needed to turn an ordinary kid into an employable


And after the course they get recruited in ZOHO itself

with an amazing package regardless of their degree.

And through this job, these students

get the golden opportunity to uplift their family

from all economic challenges forever.

and guess what ? These schools have been designed specially

to empower the youngsters from the villages of India

where let alone employment,

even education is considered to be a luxury.

because ZOHO believes that skillsets and abilities

are far more valuable than paper credentials.

and one of the most successful stories of the ZOHO system

is this boy names Abdul Alim


who was an ordinary security guard working 12 hour shifts at


but one fine day, one of his seniors decided to

tap into his potential and started training him.

Fast forward to a few months later, today, this boy

works as an engineer and takes up technical projects

in the very same company wherein he was working as a

security guard

And today close to 10% of the entire workforce of ZOHO

consists of ordinary kids like Abdul Alim

who became capable engineers after hailing

from the remotest villages of the country.

and not just that, today ZOHO is experimenting these models

in 10 villages in Tamil Nadu wherein 200 of its engineers

20 in each village will collaborate and build

a software for the world.

And the leaders of ZOHO are working very hard

to extend its empowerment models

to the villages of Kerala and Andhra Pradesh also

Now people, while most of us dream about

having corner offices in the city of Manhattan.

Vembu sir believes that village offices

would be the future of work, as village economies begin to



Which is why inspite of having his offices in 21 countries,

including America, China and Australia.

Sridhar sir stays in a small village named Mathalamparai

which is about 650 km away from Chennai.

And he operates his $5B company from this village itself

Now this is what you call ‘practicing what you preach’.

Now, the reason why Sridhar sir is a legend is because

the model that he is building is a scalable model

that can be replicated by several billion dollar companies

all across the country.

And instead of giving out donations for a short term impact

through this model, companies can create a long term impact


and also make a ton of profit.

This is how they can create a win-win scenario wherein

companies can get capable employees

and people can get opportunities.

Now if many such billion dollar companies

start setting up institutions like ZOHO

to build a direct bridge between academics and employement,

can you imagine what kind of a magical revolution

could come up.

This is the reason why we need to start promoting

incredible ideas like these. So that, we can have many such

leaders like Sridhar sir, who don’t just talk about the


but also act on the solutions

and this is what will make India a truly incredible country.

we can send out a very strong message out there

that world doesn’t need heroes, it just needs

a handful of gutsy people who stop waiting for them

I spent hours in this article please share this website amoong your friends and relatives.

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