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#4 Investor Pitching

Investor Pitching

How to make presentation to convince investor

we’re going to discuss how to make the actual pitch.

Means your final presentation

All the slide in your presentation

and it doesn’t matter what you write

in the same order, you can change the order

First of all, Purpose. Why are you doing this business?

It’s benefits, second is

The problem you are trying to solve

Your product is to solve which problem

third slide

Solution of that problem

Your Product must cater a specific need

or service

So you need to talk about this need

Next is market size

If i am aviation industry, then what’s the market size of aviation industry

then total addressable market

In short called TAM

and with this

Comes the market which comes in m segment.

Which is called SAM

Segmented Addressable Market

and the most important thing is

Information about our own market size

Means the kind of market we are going to capture.

and it’s short form is SOM

Share of Market.

After this, we’ll discuss our competition

What they are doing, etc

After that, demo of our product.

We’ll showcase our product and the way we can use it.

Now comes the most important thing which is your business model

Your revenue stream

and how will you utilise it.

Salary for the team

Expenses, product cost

Your Marketing budget.

When will you reach breakeven.

They may change afterwards

But you need to give basic idea in the beginning.

And i’ll suggest be honest.

Don’t give any fake promises

Be realistic.

and you should know the facts and figure.

Because they can ask you about it.

About your sales in the next 8 months.

You should know about it.

Then talk about your team

About your cofounders

their experience,

Their qualification

Because your team is your USP>

If they find your team interesting

Even if your idea is okaish

Chances are you’ll get the money

In the opposite case, idea is amazing but your team is average

Chances are high, they’ll reject you

You are explaining all the things

All the realistic figures.

But with a weak team, they won’t show interest

because they know team is very important>

In the last slides, you need to tell about your

burning rate, surviving cost

Minimum money required

In order to run your business.

Ultimately, you need to tell that you need this much money

on this return

Basic story

I would suggest don’t dive deep into it.

Basically you need to recite it like a poem.

you don’t need to cram your presentation.

First line, first slide, NO

Read it like a story

and don’t look at the back, when facts and figure will come

then you can look at the screen

Your chart

But in the starting when you are reciting your story

Your purpose and why are you doing this?

It’s better if you recite that without looking at the screen

After your presentation is finished.

You are going to have a lot of question

Your founding story

So be honest.

They are much smarter than you

Be honest if you don’t know the answer of a question

do revert back with the solution

Even if you don’t receive the funding.

Or they can ask you why should they choose your idea

What’s different in your idea

Why no one has catered this market so far.

Familiar companies opened and closed too

What’s your USP

What’s the definition of Success

and your vision

Basically they want to see how passionate you are

One tip

Be honest and tell it straight.


Even if you lied about something

In future, it can be big mistake

and they are stronger than you

They’ll take your money and you’ll be vanished.

Just like with askmebazaar (I thik many people forgot this startup ,

Askme group is vanished, why? Because of investor problem

And keep in mind these things. He has the power to destroy you

Now you’ve conviced


Now should you ask them few questions?

You should ask them

and ask them about the role

and what they can provide.

What are their views on this business

Investment criteria

How will they give you money

in installments or in one go

Is he only one who’ll invest or there’s a group too

If in future, when more investors comes

How will the percentage be shared, clear all these things.

Okay the document file will be fat

and you just need to sign it, they’ll keep that document

So clear all the things

and do read the documentation

So this was all, how you need to convince

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