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#3 Investor Pitching

Investor Pitching

how to prepare before meeting investor

We are going to discuss about things you should keep in mind

Before meeting investor

Many times, after meeting the investor, we feel like we should have prepared

and wasted his time eventually get blacklisted

and around the people in that investor’s network

Here first thing is: your pitch should be prepared

You should know about your pitch

Elevator pitch means

You met an investor

Who is in an elevator with you

And you need to explain him your business idea in that short period of time.

about your ideas

and need to convince the investor in that short period

That this is you idea, if you liked it, we can set a meeting

and let’s plan a business together

Here your pitch should be clear.

You don’t need to memorize

understand the main points of your pitch

Maybe by observing the other person facial expression

Like i said, you need to study your investor.

So those 35 investors

doesn’t mean they all will be same.

So your elevator pitch will be different for them

Not just one pitch with everyone

Sometimes many investors

there are certain words that are used again and again

Just like i use some words

If you’ll use those words, then it’ll be a friendly conversation

Conversion rate are high

One tip i’ll give is

Those who are interested in your pitch

Recite them your pitch

as much as you can

Chances are high in this

You’ll understand where do you stuck the most

Where people get confused

About sentence formation

Basically you need to describe your business in one line.

What does your business do

Can you define your business in one line?

One thing: We never share our idea with anyone

what if it someone copies it

No one will do that

Noone can copy your business model just by your ideas

Suppose i want to make an ecommerce

Where i’ll sell websites.

So many people are doing it already

But in your business

You have your uniqueness in it

I know may be Anyone can copy this

Doesn’t matter

You delivered the idea in your own style

Marketing has the same definition

I can not take the patent of marketing definition

I will ask you a question

Do you know how much investment do you need?

what’s your milestone

what will you achieve yearwise

You need to plan your business

Like if i need 100 crore

Then in the 50 lakh

I can reach this much audience

then in 70 lakh , x audience

So basically

You need to tell investor

that with their money what milestones will you achieve

Just like flipkart etc they are in loss

So how do they pitch investors?

They do on milestone

They never show their loss

that their market size is increasing, in future when company will be in future

We’ll have this much profit

and investors agree

First of all: Clear your vision

why are you doing this business, second

You need to tell milestones

Sales of different months

then after that you need to show


You need to explain in these three parts

and understand all your competitors.

and don’t tell me i don’t have competition

Let’s say you are providing a service online

and only you do

Maybe some provide the same service offline

SO there are your competition too

Calculate the market size

Whole research

How? Google alert, google trend, google search

Take everyone’s help

One thing: Idea can not be patent

You can not think that no one will copy your idea

You need to tell why you are different

Because you investor know that too, suppose investor find your idea unique

Company was build in 6 months.

If somebody copied your idea after 6 months? then

So your investor want to know uniquesness in your business

I already discuss in my orevious articles

You need to research everything on investor

Born date, place, likes , dislikes

Previous investments

Profitable investments


If we met, then what can we take from him

HIs contacts in the industry

WIll he help in growing my business

Our understanding

His involvement in business

Is he hard working or just gives the money

Or my product

Or service we are providing, is he passionate about it

you need to consider all these

Remember all these things before going to an investor

Don’t do this that you had 10 investors

and 3 were potential

So before giving investment pitch

Don’t go to these first

Try with other people

Where you think

I’ll say research is important

Prepare your investment pitch

Then they get impressed

that you delivered pitch to 20 investors and everyone agreed

Because main thing is pitch

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