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#2 Investor Pitching

Investor Pitching

how can I contact ?

we are going to discuss about

How we can contact investors.

How to find the right investors.

It doesn’t happen it like you have the number of the investor in your pocket.

and you ask for the money.

and be my investors.

It can happen with luck people

We’ll talk about an appropritate approach

Which you can follow and find an investor

Who is suitable for your business.

First of all we need to make a list of atleast 30-35

Full details

We need to find them on the internet

Investors in our industry

And those who wants to invest

in your related industry

30-35 investors

then start finding them

on linkedin

What do they like

and investment they did on various companies

There’s a site called angellist

You can check the investment they have done

on twitter

Their facebook profile.

What do they like

After researching everything

You need to make a personna

Like details of those 35 students.

details about every persn

their interest

If you meet him in future, you should know about him

You’ll get the confidence.

And fortunately you may meet your childhood friend

in school or btech

and he has taken startup funding.

You can send them mail.

DOn’t call them casually

Send him a professional mail.

that you get to know about their company

Which is running successfully

And you are very happy to know that

I’ve started a work related to this

And i need your help. Thank you

Or you can give him details about when you can meet him.

regarding this.

Or take his contact number.

Directly call him

and take his help

One more thing you can choose is events.

Many Industrial events occurs where

Investor and big personality come

You can go there

and understand their mindset.

Maybe you get a potential investors.

And many events where you need to pitch your idea.

Go there

Suppose you don’t get selected there

But you’ll get the contact no. of investors.

If you want , you can create you elevator pitch,

Maybe you get the next meeting with him

Before going in the event

I want to tell you some tips

We just want investments.

SO we go to every event and

First of all understand that your fund is limited.

You can not to go events where you have to pay for it

You can not go to an event where you won’t find anything fruitful>

Research the people coming in the event.

Whether related to your industry

If it’s specifically relateed to your industry

Many events occurs

Maybe you find an event near you locality

So we need to understant this

After full planning and research

SO my tip is

Make a list then approach them individually

and on angel list

draft an email

Where you can properly explain

Plan your meetings.

Or try to meet them

And if you find any reference then mazel tov

If you hire an employee

If you come by reference, chances are 100%

Because you know that

This person is referred by my friend.

Same case in investors.

They can trust you

This was all

You could check whether this person is right for you or not.

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