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1DM download manager

1DM Download manager

1dm download manager

In this growing digitial era, there are tremendous amount of contents available on the internet.

Sometimes you need to download audio, video, torrent and other files, hardly there is an efficient tool available to download these all.

Luckily there is an app available named “1DM”

Developed by Vicky Bonick sir.

Its the most advance and fastest download manager available in playstore.


1DM+ is a paid version and

1DM is a free version

There is not much differene between them

In 1DM you can download files upto 500% faster.

You can select how many files you wanna download .

1DM at once can download maximum 10 files

And maximum number of threads is 16.

For 1DM+ download limit extend upto 30

And maximum number of threads are 32.


In 1DM you can also manage the download speed.

1DM also have inbuilt powerful BROWSER.

It has all the features that an ideal browser app should have,on the other hand it has many extra features which creates its dominance amongst all the download manager.1DM smartly handles error if some problem occurs.

Browser features of

1DM/1DM+ —–>

#1 .Powerful Ad Blocker :

1DM browser have powerful adblocker that block malicious ads efficiently, some pop ups contains dangerous code when user click on it , their devices get damage. To ensure safety , it removes all the javascripts snippets having ad libraries.

#2.Capture Audio and video :

Whenever you visit webpages using the inbuilt 1DM browser , it automatically captures audio and video on the webpages to download .

To disable it click on 3 dots on the upper right corner of the browser and disable the option .



Its an another useful feature of this app

Suppose for any reason you need to open the same current webpage, you have to just click on the clone tab option and the tab open with the same duplicate webpage.


This feature open all the links on the clipboard at once in multiple tabs.


This feature loads the webpage in TEXT form .

You can also listen the text .



This feature is useful for the people having vision problem .It reads the content written on the webpage with voice that we can hear .


You can also login in 1dm browser using other external browsers.

Make sure your external browser should support running java script.



To download any file type while browsing using this feature .

Tap on the 3 dots on the upper right most corner of the browser select grabber option.

Then mark check which type of files you wanna download. Select grab option , when these files grabbed again mark check which files you wanna downlaod and select download option .

Note : Due to google policy 1DM cant download videos from youtube , this is the only drwaback rest it works awesome .




When you visit some website & play some random video, the advance 1DM download manager fetch the video to download , you can simply download by tapping the download icon, see the below picture there is written (235) in red circle on the arrow ,you will also see different resolutions to download .

IMG_20210705_010331 (1)

#2 Download sorting :

Suppose you downloade different types of files like audio , video , compressed and other files.

Now you wanna see the video file that you had downloaded but the task would be messy to find among different types of files, here you click on the 3 bars on the upper left cornor, select file type ,lets suppose you choose video then it filters out video files .

type file


You can schedule fix time to start and stop the download because sometimes internet speed gets slow in 1dm you can schedule the downloading task when the internet works fine.

In my case my internet speed is slow in evening thats why I cant downlaod content fast. Thats why I schedule my download at night 10:00pm because at that time internet speed is good.

You may have different time schedule for download.


Suppose you are downloading a 2.5GB movie and suddenly download fails at 2GB, how you feel?

don’t worry 1DM will handle this

Open the 1DM browser go to the same webpage for which the download failed.

Now again try to download it like before but remeber to “RENAME” it , put the same name as that of failed download file name , then select download it shows “ file already exist”

You should select

“Update existing download link”

Your download link will resume from where it failed .

App download link :

Free verision : 1DM FREE VERSION

Paid version : 1DM+ PAID

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