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#1 Investor Pitching

Investor Pitching

we’ll discuss about

How to pitch investors

It may seem very easy in movies

That we went to an investor and demanded 1 crore

you set up your business with that money and you became a millionaire.

It just looks easy.

Whether your business model is good or your team is good

Maybe your business is in profit

But it’s possible tht you may get rejected

Investors may reject you

For example- Airbnb

Top online platform for flights

They were rejected too

you might know about the pinterest

They were rejected 10 times by investors>

You must be familiar with sales force

They are the leader of their industry

They were rejected too

So this may look glamours to some people

It’s not that easy.

Basically finances are of two types.

One is traditional financing

In this, i need money for my business so i went to bank for money or from my family

Or my own money.

This is traditional financing.

It’s a type of loan

2nd is private financing

Here comes angel investors.

Venture capitalist

Basically risk is high here.

Person who is investing asks for return back in the next 5 years.

First of all, let’s understand the stages.

How do we need to ask for investment.

If you have an idea and need investment

Don’t go to investors in the initial phase.

First step is bootstrap

WHere you gathered the team and decided what you are going to do.

After that you borrowed money from friends, family

Started the work

And created a physical layout

Your website is ready

That you can show your investors.

Then comes VC, angel investor

These are the three stages: Bootstrapping

Money from friends & family

Third is from big investors.

If you think your business idea is solid

But don’t have enough money

and my friends, family don’t hvae that much money

You need to check two things here

First is scalability

RIght now you think your market is worth 1 crore.

Can you expand it to 100 crore after taking the investment

Is it possible?

Second is revenue stream

If my company is earning 100rs/day

In future, can it earn in lakhs?

You need to consideer these points.

If you have these two factors.

So chances are, you can get early investments.

Here two things are hidden

One is your team , their level

their skills

Second is your product and services.

How solid your ideas are?

Now don’t tell me that your idea is unique.

and there is no competition

If you said this to investor that you competition doesn’t exist.

The investor

Giving you the money is a businessman too

They just want to double their money in the next 5 years.

If your market is zero, no competition

Then you have to educate the market first.

Then people will get to know about it

It’ll take around 10 year to establish your company

Maybe by that time your competition may increase too

And always decide the amount of money you want to take.

and where to invest it.

For example, i am talking about facebook here.

Do you know?

They’ve established their business with not more than 1 million

Now if you are goinf to investor

Do you think you can establish a business like facebook within 5crore.

I think you get it .

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